Sunday, March 16, 2014

Balloon Rockets

This is the fourth time I’ve done this experiment and it’s always been a blast! I always like to do balloon rockets on a nice day, but this year the day started off sunny and when it came time to shooting off our balloon rockets it was raining outside, so we did our science experiment in the gym.

What you need:
1. One balloon per student.

2. One straw per student.
3. One piece of tape per student.

4. Enough string to stretch the length that you want the balloon rockets to shoot across. I like to go between two different pieces of playground equipment. From out school’s jungle gym to our monkey bars is the perfect distance.

1. Hand out the materials (balloon, tape, and straw) to each student.
2. Each student needs to blow up their balloon (but do not tie it). Next students place their straws on top of the balloon and tape it down. Students can then let their balloons deflate.
3. Tie a string to an anchor (we used a hockey goal post in the gym this year; previously we have used playground equipment). Stretch the string out the length that you want the balloon rockets to shoot.
4. Have students line up with their balloons rockets. (Students will need to blow up their balloons again, but do not tie the ends).
5. For each student you need to pull the string tight against the anchor. Feed the other end of the string through the straw of each balloon. Have the student let go of the balloon. The balloon will shoot the length of the string all the way to the anchor.

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