Thursday, March 13, 2014

Behavior Management Strategies
The purpose of this package is to provide teachers with some ideas and strategies on how to help students who have difficulty controlling their behaviors, so that these students can be successful in the classroom.

Contents include:

1. Purpose of this ‘Behavior Management Strategies’ package
2. Tips for helping difficult behaviour students be successful
3. Behavior management goal sheet
4. How I’m feeling today scale strips
5. Go for a walk a cool off strategy
6. Positive Behavior Sticker chart
- Happy Kids edition
- Hockey Edition
- The Three Little Pigs Edition
7. My three choices a cool off strategy.
8. My home and school communication book
9. Behavior Reflection Sheet
10. Documentation of student behavior sheet

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Part of this package is a hockey themed sticker chart. This is a good visual for students to have taped to their desk. It’s also a terrific strategy to incorporate into a behavior plan, and a great way to reward good behavior. Directions: write the blocks of the day in the time column. Next if the student makes it though that block of time without a meltdown, or if he or she does all of his or her work during that time, or whatever the goal for that particular student is, they get a sticker. I like to tape these sticker charts into a notebook and then I have a nice documentation of that student’s behavior. You can make an agreement with the student, so he or she can have computer time or a treat at home if they get so many stickers.  (I had a student in my classroom a few years ago who got a Slurpee with his Dad on Fridays if he got so many stickers each day that week).

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