Sunday, March 16, 2014

Making Dinosaur Fossils

Each day of the week leading up to spring break my class did a different science experiment. We had so much fun with these science experiments!  It was a great way spend the afternoons with all the excitement of a week off coming up! I can’t take credit for developing these experiments as I found these science experiments from various places including research on the internet, science books, and my favourite... Pinterest! On Monday we started day one of our week of science with dinosaur fossils! I started off the lesson by taking the class outside to an old tree, and we had a discussion about how in 10 000 years there might be evidence of this tree left behind. This eventually led to a terrific discussion on fossils. Next, we came inside and watched a youtube video about fossils on the smart board.

We then started creating our own fossils.
Day 1: Creating fossils
What you need:
-One cup per student
-Clay (I bought air dry clay from our local dollar store).
-One mini toy dinosaur per student (I found a bag of 10 mini dinosaurs at the dollar store).

1. Have students make two small balls with their clay, next students flatten their two balls.

2. Place the dinosaur into one of the flattened balls, and place the other clay ball right on top of the other side of the dinosaur.
3. Place the clay ball into the cup. (Make sure to put the student’s names on the cups, so you know what fossil belongs to who).

4. Let the clay dry for a night or two. I placed them in the window so they would get the morning sun.

Day 2: Creating fossils

What you need:
-Clay fossils created from day 1.
-Dry paint brushes
-Clay tools

1. Have students open up the fossils using clay tools. It’s easiest to stick a tool between the two pieces of clay and gently pry.

2. Once apart, students can then gently take the toy dinosaur out of the clay, I then had students use a dry paint brush to gently brush away the bits of dust and clay.

3. Students can then take a look at their fossil and compare their fossil with their friend’s fossils.

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