Sunday, March 16, 2014

Student Portfolios

Student portfolios are an excellent tool to get students thinking about their growth as learners, about what they are learning, how they are learning, and how to become better learners.

The goal of this student portfolio is for students to set goals that are important to them, independently monitor their learning growth with student selected work samples and reflections, and for student to gain a better understanding of the way they learn best.

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Table of Contents:

1. The Goals and Purpose of this Student Portfolio
2. How to use this Student Portfolio
3. Student Portfolio Calendar
(Recommended times for activities)

Portfolio Student Binder Dividers
4. My Portfolio Title Page
5. All About Me Divider
6. My Goals Divider
7. My Best Work Samples and Reflections Divider
8. All About Me Activities
9. All About Me Collage
10. All About Me Worksheet
11. My Strengths Mind Map
12. My Assessment Flowers
(Beginning of the year, mid year, and end of year sheets)

Goal Setting
13. Narrowing Down What I Need to Work On Sheet.
14. My Goals Sheet
15. Goals by Month Sheet
16. Student/ Teacher Conference Questions Form.

17. Student Choice Work Samples Selection Sheet
18. Artifact reflection for Portfolio Sample Cards
19. Writing reflection Graphic Organiser
20. Math Reflection Graphic Organiser
21. Final Reflection (Stop light sheet)
22. Final Reflection Paragraph About Portfolio Journey.
23. Portfolio Checklist

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  1. Hi Jessicca! (I double checked on the double c's. ) I know you haven't been blogging long but I love how you've just jumped right in and have already shared so much of what you do in your class. I am nominating you for the Liebster Award! Head over to my blog to read all about it!