Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Plants in the Classroom

Last week we started our plants unit and we planted pea seeds! The class enjoyed monitoring and caring for their germinating seeds. Each student germinated 2 seeds by placing their seeds in a folded piece of wet paper towel. (Make sure to keep the paper towels wet over the whole germinating time which took our seeds about 5 days). To better keep track of what seed belonged to who I kept the germinating seeds in a cups with the student's names on them. I also made sure to germinate a couple of extra seeds just in case there was a student whose seeds did not start to grow. In previous years we have planted seeds in styrophone cups, but this year I found these little biodegradable pots at Wal Mart that students can take  home and then plant their plants into their gardens. We will be monitoring the growth of our little pea plants and practicing our measuring skills with rulers for the next few weeks or until our plants become too tall and need to go home with the students. We’ll also have to add "watering plants" to our classroom job list. 

Check out my Plants Unit on for other worksheets, activities, and ideas for teaching your students about plants. 

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