Thursday, May 29, 2014

Barbara Reid Inspired Art Project

Barbara Reid is a very talented Canadian children's book author and illustrator. Barbara Reid's books include: 'The Subway Mouse', 'Picture a Tree', 'Have You Seen Birds?', 'The Party' along with many more. You can check out Barbara Reid's official website here: Barbara Reid Author and Illustrator

Her illustrations are so unique  because she uses photographs of her plasticine pictures for her book illustrations. This past week my class learned about Barbara Reid by reading her books and watching youtube videos of her creating her art. 

We create our Barbara Reid inspired artwork by placing our plasticine on thin pieces of cardboard using the techniques we learned from the Barbara Reid videos. I then took photographs of each student's artwork. I  had the photos printed at Walmart, and afterwards the students glued their photo on the 'Describe Your Artwork' sheet and then they each wrote a small blurb describing the story of their artwork. 

I then put together everyone's art and descriptions to create a class book.  

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  1. That's such a good idea!
    I bet your students were really proud to see the end result.

    - Lucy :)