Thursday, May 1, 2014

Robert Munsch Stories

Every year I do an author study with my class of my favourite children’s author, Robert Munsch. Robert Munsch's books are hilarious and he is Canadian which is a plus too! We read all of his stories, act out his stories, make puppet shows, write new stories with the characters from Robert Munsch's books, we learn about story elements, and do a character study on a chosen character. At the end of this unit we all write letters to Robert Munsch and he writes back! He send us a Robert Munsch poster, a letter answering some of our questions from our letters, and most excitingly an unpublished story that he has written with the children’s names from my class. The story he sent us this year was called “Museum Surprise!” 

The students love the idea of having their names in the story. This year I had the idea of us publishing the story. So I re typed out the story with text on about 20 pages I put frames above the text for the students to draw a picture for each page. I also made a cover page for students to draw a picture for their cover. I then photocopied the book we made with the student illustrations and binded together a copy for each student. I then glued on the individual cover pages the students made and I also glued a class photo on the back of each book. 

I always love making class books and I know the class made books even from previous years are always a favourite book choice during our silent reading time. I know this book will be a keepsake for students from this school year.

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  1. Do you have lesson plans for this unit, or worksheets that you would be willing to share?