Saturday, June 14, 2014

Field Trip Reflections

As the school year is coming to an end my class was lucky enough to get to go on 2 big field trips! I pulled this off this year only because we shared our field trip with the grade 3/4 class next door and they got to attend our field trip. So 2 weeks ago we went on a fabulous trip to the Kwisitis Visitor Centre located in Tofino B.C. The Kwisitis (Which means "the other end of the beach") Visitor Centre has a museum which includes a theatre and exhibits about the local First Nations from the West Coast of Vancouver Island. After exploring the Visitor Centre we then had our lunch on the beach, followed by a nature walk, before the long trip back to the school. 

Last week we went on a trip to the Wild Life Recovery Centre located in Errington B.C. This is the second class I've taken to the Wild Life Recovery Centre and during both visits we had a blast! This year we had 3 terrific guides who gave us a tour of the centre and we also were given a presentation about owls with a live owl. The highlights of the trip were seeing the eagles, the owls, the turtles, and the bears. The Wild Life Recovery Centre is a great place to teach students about the impact that we as humans have on the local wild life around us, as the animals who live at the Wild Life Recovery Centre are victims of car accidents, gun shots, domestication from humans who couldn't handle or no longer wanted their "wild pets".

After a field trip I always have the class create a thank you card for the hosts of our field trip. To make this card I take 2 pieces of construction paper (you might need more if you have a large class). I fold the paper in half and use the long stapler to staple the middle of the card. Next we do a class brain storm about everything we saw while on the field trip and I then have everyone in the class fill out a field trip reflections form. This asks the students: what was your favourite part of the field trip and what was one thing that you learned. I then glue all of the field trip reflection forms to the card and then I cut out small pieces of paper and the have each student draw a small picture of one thing they saw on the trip to decorate the front and back of the card along with a small thank you note.

You can check out this template for the thank you card along with other end of the year activities from my End of the Year Activities Resources Package. 

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