Monday, July 21, 2014

Classroom Promise: A Back to School Idea

During the first week of school I always have my students work together to come up with a classroom promise. I do this by moving the class into groups of 3 or 4 students and then I give each group a piece of chart paper. On the chart paper students work together to write out all of the rules that they think we should have in our classroom.

A tip for group work: 
When I do this strategy where a group works together to list ideas I always give each group member a different colour felt marker. This ensures that everyone is held accountable to do their share of the work because you will see whose written what by looking at the colours on the paper. 

After each group has written a good list of classroom rules, (this takes about 10 minutes) I then have each group put a star in front of their 3 most important rules. After this, each group will present their 3 most important rules to the class, and I will write down each group's most important rules on a mind map on the white board. Next, we  work as a class to condense the most important rules into a short statement. (The class will come up with rules like: no hitting, no kicking, no bullying and we'll condense that to 'acting in a safe way at all times'). Afterward I then write out the class promise on a piece of chart paper and have each student sign the class promise with a hand print. Afterwards I use a sharpie marker to write each student's name next to their hand print. 

This class promise is a great way to establish a sense of classroom community, and have students take ownership of the classroom and the rules by working together to write the class rules.

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  1. Jessica, I love your idea of giving each group member a different color marker. Brilliant! I am stealing that one.