Saturday, July 26, 2014

Story Maker: Diggin' into Next Year Blog Hop

Last year my school went from zero technology except for a few computers that were older than the dinosaurs to suddenly having smart boards, new computers, and 2 class sets of I Pads. It was overwhelming trying to incorporate all this new technology into my lessons. The I Pads, I found were easier to incorporate regularly into my lessons because I have a personal I Pad so I know how to use it. The smart board was a different story. I really would like to use it more and for other things besides what a regular computer can do. I mostly used the smart board for Youtube videos, Tumble Books, and viewing educational websites and images. One of my goals for the future is to learn how to use the smart board properly. 

One of the I Pad apps that we used the most last school year was the Super Duper StoryMaker App. This app was used regularly for a number of special education students. This app helped these students feel successful and become more independent during writing time.  

This app allows students to either create stories using the backgrounds and clipart provided or include their own photos. Students can also record their voices to tell their stories, and there is also an option to print or e-mail the story after it is finished. My students always printed their stories,  and students kept all of their work in a duo tang. Although technology is great and this app did help my students, especially with their confidence towards their writing, it is important to have a balance for all students of written work that students can be successful with as well. Below are a few examples of Story Maker stories my students have written. 

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