Monday, October 13, 2014

Halloween Door Decorating Contest!

A fun way to celebrate Halloween as a school is to have a Halloween door decorating contest where each classroom and office in the school works together to decorate their room’s door. You can ask for parent volunteers or a members of your school’s administration to judge the contest. You can have prizes for the scariest door, funniest door, or most creative door. 

Below is the door that my class created together last year. To create this door, each student used a pencil to draw a big pumpkin on a white piece of paper. They then painted their pumpkins using orange and yellow paint. After the paintings had dried, the students then used a black felt marker to draw a face to make make their pumpkin a jack-o'-lantern. Then students  glued their jack-o’-lantern’s onto yellow and black construction paper. 

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