Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Lanterns

Christmas lanterns are a fun and messy craft perfect for a project with a buddy class, or these lanterns would be great way for a class or the whole school to decorate for a Christmas concert or festive event. 

Tip: About a week before you are planning to make Christmas lanterns ask students to start collecting empty milk cartons. 

What you need: 
-1 milk carton per student 
-1 pipe cleaner per student 
-Newspaper ripped into strips

Prep Needed:
  1. Newspaper needs to be torn into strips. 
  2. The top of each milk carton needs to be cut off.
  3. Water and flour need to be mixed together. (One part flour and two parts water). 
  4. Paper mache is very messy. It might be a good idea to lay newspaper or a table cloth on the table. This will help with the clean up later! 


  1. Take your milk carton (with the top cut off) and your newspaper strips, begin dipping your newspaper strips into the flour and water mixture and covering your milk carton evenly with the paper mache. Make sure students are using enough of the flour/water mixture so that the newspaper is sticking to the milk carton.
  2. Let your christmas lanterns dry overnight.
  3. Next, students can paint their lanterns. 
  4. Once the paint is dry, the teacher or older students need to cut 2 small holes into the side each lantern. The 2 holes need to be cut near the top to attach the pipe cleaner handle. 
  5. Students can then cut out a shape in the centre of their lantern for the light to shine through. (Younger students may need help with this step). 
  6. Lastly, students can attach their pipe cleaner handle. 
Tip: You can purchase flameless LED tea light candles from Walmart, Michaels, and Target.