Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Animal X-Ray Activities

One of my favourite units to teach is my Wild About Animals: An Animals Unit. This 93 page unit is packed full of posters, task cards, interactive notebook activities, games, formative assessment activities, and collaborative learning activities to help students gain a firm understanding of animal life cycles, food chains, habitats, and adaptations. 

One of the activities that I did with my last year’s class along with my animal unit was an ‘guess the animal X- Ray game’ and an animal X- Ray art activity. I purchased the animal X- Ray kit at my local teacher supply store. This kit contains 14 different animal X-Rays with the matching picture of the animal to go with the X- Ray. 

The class really enjoyed the guess the animal X-Ray game. To prepare for this game I laid out all 14 of the animal X-Rays along the perimeter of the 2 round tables in my classroom. I then placed a white piece of paper in front of each of the X-Rays and I explained to the class that each student was going to write a guess as to what animal each X-Ray is on the piece of paper. I gave the class 10 minutes for this activity. After the activity was over I then placed the correct picture of the animal next to the X-Ray and students could then walk around the table and see if their guess was right. 

As a follow up activity, I then had students draw an X-Ray of their favourite animal. I encouraged them to use wild colours and lots of details as this is art. 

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