Sunday, February 8, 2015

How to Make a Valentine's Day Card Holder

With most classrooms celebrating Valentine’s Day this week I thought it would be fun to share  directions for how to make a heart shaped Valentine’s Day card holder. I usually make the card holders for each student the night before the decorating, and have the students decorate them the day before Valentine’s day, but if you have older students you can have them fold their own heart shaped card holder. After the card holders are folded students can decorate their card holders with felt markers, paint, stamps, stickers, glitter glue, lace, fabric, or with cut out pieces of construction paper. I like to have the card holders decorated the day before Valentine’s Day because I like to have the holders complete, and all glue and paint dried before students use them to hold their Valentine’s Day cards. I also like to have the card holders taped to the front of students desks for the morning of the day we celebrate Valentine’s Day, so it is organized for the card hand out, and so the classroom looks festive and decorated for Valentine’s Day. 

Directions on how to make a Valentine’s Day card holder:

1. Take a large piece of construction paper and fold it in half. 

2. Cut a half circle off the top of the folded piece of construction paper. 

3. Open up the piece of construction paper. 

4. Take the bottom of the opened construction paper and fold it up to the beginning of the two half circles. 

5. Fold the left corner so it meets near the middle of the paper about an inch from the top of the folded paper, and do the same for the right corner to create a heart shape. Make sure to leave an inch gap at the top, so you have room to fold down a flap. This flap will hold the heart together and is a good place to put student’s names. Lastly, place a staple on each end of the flap to make sure it stays together and holds all of the Valentine’s Day cards. 

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