Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Teacher Binders are Now Updated for the 2015-2016 School Year!

My Owl Teacher Binder has continued to be one of my best selling products, and I noticed over the past week, that it has started to sell again. So teachers must be starting to plan for the next year already! In preparation for these over prepared teachers, I have updated my teacher binders for the 2015-2016 school year! :) 

In my store I have 4 different teacher binders: a Owl Teacher Binder, a Cupcake Teacher Binder, a Crazy Penguin Teacher Binder, and lastly a Dancing Sheep Teacher Binder

Each binder includes: A Parent Questionnaire, Class List, Parent Communication Tracking Sheet, Behaviour Reflection Sheet, Assessment pages, Student Notes for Report Cards, Student Self Assessment Pages, To Do List, Notes Pages, Daily Schedule, Year Plan, Reading Groups Schedule, and April 2015- August 2016 Monthly Calendars. 

All of my teacher binders are completely editable, so will be easy for you to customize your binder to meet your needs. My teacher binders also come with a lifetime of updates. So you only need to purchase your teacher binder once and I will update the calendars each year.  

If you have purchased any of my teacher binders from previous years all you need to do is: 
1. Log into your TPT account.
2. Go to "My Purchases" and scroll down until you find your teacher binder 
3. Re download the updated copy of your teacher binder. 

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