Sunday, April 19, 2015

Paper Airplanes: A Fun Spring Activity!

It’s Spring time, so I wanted to share another fun Spring activity with my blog readers. 

This activity requires: 
-A variety of paper airplane templates
-A Pencil 

My paper airplane templates came from a website called Fun Paper Airplanes. This fun site includes free templates with directions for a variety of paper airplanes with fun names including: The arrow, the delta, the bullet, the dart, and the spade. In the picture below, you can see a few of the Fun Paper Airplanes that my students have made. 

The directions are easy to follow, but they do require some reading. When I did this activity I printed off 4 different airplane templates and had my students choose which one of the four that they wanted to make and then I put the class in small groups based on the planes they they choose, so that the students could work together to build their planes. 

After all of the airplanes were built, we all went outside to fly our airplanes in the field. We had a contest to see which paper airplanes flew the highest, longest distance, and which plane could stay flying the longest amount of time before landing on the ground. 

More ideas for your paper airplanes:

This would be a great sports day event or big/little buddy activity. Students could also decorate their planes before they build them. I also printed off extra airplane templates for students to take home. 

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