Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ice Cream in a Bag: A Perfect End of Year Activity

The school year is winding down and the weather is getting nicer outside, so why not make ice cream in a bag with your students. It's a fun and easy way to learn about the state of matter (from liquid to solid), and to cool down at the end of a hot school day. 

Ice cream in a bag is one of many fun activities that is part of my End of The School Year Activities resource package. Click on the link to learn more about all of the activities in this product which are all designed to help you celebrate the end of the school year in a fun way.

Ice Cream in a Bag:

Ingredients needed:
-1 tablespoon sugar 
-1/2 cup milk or half & half 
-1/4 teaspoon vanilla 
-5 tablespoons rock salt 
-1 large plastic Ziploc bag 
-1 smaller plastic Ziploc bag. 

-Ice cubes 

1. Fill the large bag half full of ice. 

2. Add the rock salt. 

3. Pour milk, vanilla, and sugar into the smaller bag, and seal it. Make sure its sealed tight! 

3. Place the small bag inside the large one, and seal it again carefully. Make sure its sealed tight!

4. Shake until the mixture is solid like ice cream.  which takes from 5-10 minutes. 

5. Open the bag and enjoy! We also added jelly beans and chocolate chips to our ice cream. 


  1. How many students are able to share from one recipe?

  2. Hello, each recipe is for one bag of ice cream which is meant for one person. I hope this helps!

  3. hi! we encountered the problem of the rock salt somehow making its way through the smaller ziplock bag from the bigger bag and getting in the ice cream, making it taste more salty than sweet. I love this activity and want to do it again at the end of the next school year- any suggestions to solving this problem other than maybe putting one small ziplock in another so the actual ice cream itself is protected by 2 ziplock bags inside the gallon bag?

    1. Hello, I have done this activity with 5 different groups of kids, and you are right, salt can get inside the ice cream bag and wreck the ice cream. I would recommend getting good quality zip lock bags (not the ones from the dollar store). And also let the kids know that salt from the bigger bag can get into the ice cream bag if they are not careful. Let the kids know this, so that they kids can be careful. I hope this helps! Jessicca

  4. hi! I have one that can not have dairy...Do you know if the regular milk could be subsituted for dairy free?