Sunday, June 7, 2015

Class Memory Books: A Great Way to End the School Year!

We are now into June and the end of the school year is very near. I wanted to share my class memory book. Memory books are a  terrific way to celebrate the end of the year, and  students can keep their memory books forever as a reminder of all of the fun the class has had throughout the year. 

To create these memory books I use the pictures that I have taken throughout the school year at various school related events including the Christmas concert, Halloween parade, track and field day, field trips, and during day to day activities. I then upload the pictures from my camera to my computer and copy and paste the pictures into Key Note slides (Power Point will work nicely for any teacher PC users out there). Once I have 10-15 pages, I then print off enough copies for each student, myself, and any helpers who may work in the classroom. I then give each student and anyone who receives a memory book 2 pieces of heavy card stock. Students then get to paint their card stock. I usually leave this activity open, and let the kids paint their card stock however they would like. These 2 pieces of card stock will become the front and back covers of our memory books. After the paintings have dried, I glue a class photograph and use a sharpie to write each student's name and the school year on the front of each memory book cover. Once the memory books are ready to be put together I use the school's book binding machine to bind each of the memory books together. 

On the last day of the school I give each student their copy of our class memory book as a gift. I then allow time for students to look through their memory books and to sign each other's books. You can also have each student write about the highlight of the school year and add that to their memory books as well. You could even ask parents for baby pictures and have a 'guess the baby' page in your class's memory books. 

You can find more great end of the year ideas and resources in my End of The Year Resource Package. 

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