Monday, July 13, 2015

I Went To the TPT Conference!!!!

This year I was lucky enough to attend Teachers Pay Teacher's Annual Conference which takes place each year in Las Vegas Nevada. I got back home yesterday, but I'm still feeling the jet lag. The conference was a 2 day event that 1100 TPT sellers attended. It was my first experience ever meeting another established TPT seller, and it was so exciting! As soon as I walked into the Venetian I saw other sellers walking around with their TPT gear on, and I started introducing myself right away. I met so many teacher authors and I heard so many amazing stories. I also had the honour of meeting Adam Freed TPT's CEO, and Amy Borrell-Berner who is in charge of TPT's community and editorial. I attended nine very informative workshops that has renewed my excitement for writing curriculum, and has given me some great ideas for marketing my products and tips for creating more products. 

Thank you to Nicole from Primary Teaching Resources for creating the 'On the TPT Eh Team!' Button and thank you to Suzy from Student Savvy for creating the 'I love TPT Cha Ching!' Button. It was lovely meeting both of you! 

The top 3 things I learned at the conference were: 
1. Collaborate! I heard this over and over from tons of successful TPT sellers. Collaboration is key, and you need to collaborate with other teacher authors who have either the same amount of followers as you or more, so that you are sharing followers.  Ways that you can collaborate with other sellers include: linky parties, blog hops, Facebook groups including mastermind groups, collaborative Pinterest boards, product swaps and reviews, guest blogging. Whatever you do find your people and work with them! 

2. Images are everything! Try to use real images of products in action this catches attention. This is also important because buyers can then see what your product can do. I have been making all of my pins and blog post images using keynote (because I am a MAC user), but you can use PicMonkey Collage Maker and other online collage makers to create picture collages more easily. (The above pictures are my first attempt at using PicMonkey.
This program was really was easy to use). 

3. Set weekly or daily goals, think positively, and keep at it! 

I had a great time at this year's conference and I enjoyed meeting and learning from so many TPT sellers. I can't wait for next year! :) 

Thank you to Jessica from The Elementary Entourage for organizing this blog hop you can click the link below to check out other terrific blog posts about the 2015 TPT Conference.


  1. This is so fun! You are right...collaborate, set goals, & relax! I am just getting started with PicMonkey! Waht fun! Wendy 1stgradefireworks1stgradefireworks

  2. Goals are so important! That was great advice we should all post about. I love your post!