Sunday, August 23, 2015

Three Ways How Popsicle Sticks can help you manage your classroom.

Did you know that popsicle sticks can help you manage your classroom? It's simple! Write each student's name a popsicle stick, and then keep your class set of popsicle sticks at the front of the classroom. 

You can then use your popsicle sticks to:

1. Give each student a partner. Use the popsicle stick method to keep things random and fair. This method allows students to get to work with everyone and encourages students to get along with everyone. 

2. Call on an individual student to answer a question. This method encourages everyone to pay attention as you are not going to call on the regular keeners or the students with their hands up. You are going to call on a random student so everyone must be paying attention. A lot of the time when the teacher just calls on a student with their hand up the other students disengage because they know they are not being held accountable. With the popsicle stick method students have to pay attention.

3. To help choose helpers in a completely random way. You can even take out the names of the students who have already done that job, or had that privilege so that everyone eventually gets a turn for each job. 

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