Saturday, October 24, 2015

Trick or Treat Blog Hop: Halloween Lollipops and Dismissal Tips

Welcome to my Trick or Treat blog hop post! 
This is a long post, so make sure to scroll all the way down, and enter to win my Halloween themed Writing Centres, read all about how to make a sweet Halloween craft, and don't forget to read all of the other blog hop participant's blog post too!

The trick of the trade that I wanted to share is... dismissal tips. Dismissal time can be challenging! Students may be tired, parents and guardians may be outside the classroom waiting for the class to end which may make students becoming more anxious, and students may have different responsibilities around the classroom which may cause extra craziness. Special days like Halloween, which break routines, also make dismissal time even more challenging. 

Dismissal Time Tips: 
1. Make it a rule that no one leaves without the teacher's permission. 

2. Have students tidy the classroom and pack their backpacks 15-20 minutes before dismissal time and take their bags to their seats. 

3. Once everyone is back to their seats, play a game. Use a bean bag to play a quick game where students sit on their desks and toss a bean bag around the classroom until everyone has had a chance to share one thing that they have learned that day. Instead, you could do a ticket out the door where everyone writes a 2 sentence reflective journal about the day, or a 2 stars and a wish about their learning. 

And now for the treat...
This is a super cute Halloween themed craft perfect for any primary classroom's Halloween party.

What you need to do: 

To make a spider lollipop you will need:

1 lollipop
4 pipe cleans 
2 goggly eyes 
a small square of tissue paper. 


1. If you choose, you can wrap a small square of tissue paper around the top of the lollipop (this is optional).

2 . Take a lollipop (the sphere shaped ones work the best) and wrap 4 pipe cleaners around the middle of the lollipop to create the 8 spider legs. You will have to wrap the 4 pipe cleaners around the top of the lollipop stick twice for the pipe cleaners to stay, and then you can bend the pipe cleaners to make them look more like legs. 

3 . Next, glue 2 goggly eyes onto the face of the spider. 

To make the ghost lollipop you will need: 

1 lollipop
1 pipe cleaner 
2 goggly eyes 
1 kleenex 


1. Wrap a kleenex around the top of the ghost. 

2. Take a pipe cleaner, and wrap it around the neck of the ghost and then bend the pipe cleaner into a bow tie shape. 

3. Glue 2 goggly eyes onto the face of the ghost. 

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  1. Always looking for more spelling resources so the students maintain interest. Fingers crossed!

  2. CUTE lollipops !!!!! Michelle Miller

  3. The spiders are adorable! My own kiddos would have a ball making these!

  4. Thanks for participating in the Trick or Treat blog hop!

  5. Those lollipops are adorable! I'm going to have to try them for my Halloween party!

  6. We loved making the lollipop spiders with our kiddos last week - lots of fun!

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