Friday, November 20, 2015

2016 Student Made Calendars: A Great School Fundraiser or Gift for Parents

Are you looking for an idea for students to made Christmas gifts for their parents? Why not have your students make a calendar filled with their art for their parents? I have recently updated my Student Made Calendars for the 2016 year. If you have purchased this product last year make sure to download the updated copy and do this project again this year. 

My Student Made Calendars include:
-A cover page with room for a student illustration. 
-A calendar for each month of the year 2016.
-An illustration page for each month of 2016. Each page includes directions for a illustration appropriately themed for each month and enough room for the student illustration.

You could also chose to use this calendar as a fundraiser. As a class, your students could work together to complete the illustrations (perhaps the early finishers?) to make 2 or 3 unique copies of the calendar, and then you could copy and bind together a number of calendars to sell at your school’s holiday events and raise money for field trips or a worthy cause. 

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