Friday, November 6, 2015

A peak into my.... Poetry Interactive Notebook

My Poetry Interactive Notebook includes 42 pages of fun poetry activities and posters. I have included a poster for each poetic device and a poster for each type of poem. I have also included a variety of interactive notebook foldable and templates for students to write their creative new poems on. below is an example of a diamante poem on a cute little envelope foldable. 

Below is an example of another foldable, this foldable is flower shaped and is a fun and creative way to practice the poetry device of alliteration. Students can choose a letter of the alphabet and write a different word that begins with their chosen letter for each petal of their flower. Once completed, students can colour and glue their alliteration foldable onto a piece of construction paper. 

The next foldable is meant to practice rhyming. Students need to write a word with it's corresponding rhyming word next to it along with a picture for each word for each box of the foldable. Students can then colour, fold along all dotted lines and cut along the heavy lines to create this cute foldable. All of these foldables would make a terrific poetry bulletin board display. 

This fun poetry bingo game is a great way to get students excited about poetry in an independent and interactive way. You can choose to have the goal of students completing each task on the poetry bingo game chart, or instead they can work at achieving a line on the bingo card during a specific block of time. 

All of these templates plus more are available in my Poetry interactive Notebook product which is for sale in my TPT store. Click on the link here to learn more about this great product and to visit my TPT store. 

Enter to win my Poetry Interactive Notebook. On Saturday November 14 I will be announcing the winner of this prize. 
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