Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Creative and Fun Ways to Get Students to Line Up

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Lining up can be a real chore for some students! Practicing lining up and walking down the hallway is not fun, and it wastes precious class time. You can make lining up fun and novel by varying the way that you have the class line up.  During the first week of the school year you will need to set up your expectations for lining up quickly and quietly. These line up games will also encourage and practice following directions and being courteous to others in the building by respecting their right to learn in a quiet school.

Line up ideas: 

1. Line up according to seating arrangements. Row 4, Row 3, Row 2… or Sally’s Table, Tim’s Table… 

2. Line up according to what you are wearing today. Everyone wearing black today lines up first, everyone wearing purple lines up second…

3. Ask students to line up like: slow moving robots, like they are mice sneaking across the kitchen floor, like they are sloths moving towards a tasty tree leaf…

4. You can also test students memories of what they have learned that day. Line up if you remember three things that penguins eat. Next, line up if your remember two species of penguins. Next line up if you can remember…

5. Have students line up according to age or height. This one may take a little longer because they will need to chat with each other and find out their birthdays. 

6. Give students a list of tasks to do in under one minute with the last one being line up at the door. For example: pat your head and rub your belly, pick up 2 pieces of garbage in the classroom, and then line up at the door. 

7. Have students line up based on behaviour. I like the way Ian and Kim are sitting nicely, please line up… I like the way Melanie finished her work and found a quietly activity to do earlier  today please line up… 

8. Copy the leader to the line up. Have students copy one student while they do 4 or 5 different movements. They may choose to do some stretches and everyone follows, hang loose like a rag doll, and walk like a zombie…. the fifth movement most be some type of movement to the door and everyone follows in a quiet straight line up and the game is over. 

9. Songs you can sing to get students to line up. For example: to the tune of ‘The Farmer in the Dell’…"My hands are by my side. My eyes are straight ahead, I will not talk and I'm ready to walk down the hall”. 

10. Lastly, you can also make a line up signal. For example challenge the students to line up quickly and quietly every time they hear you clap 3 times. -This one may need to be practiced a few times. 
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