Friday, April 1, 2016

20 Science Experiments for Science Fairs

I was recently thinking about new science products that I could create for my TPT store and it got me thinking about how much fun science fairs are! Science fairs are a great way for students to explore a topic and create an inquiry project showing their findings, and science fairs are great because students can share their learning with others. These projects should be meaningful, hands- on, visual, and fun! 

Below are a list of 20 Potential science fair projects: 
1. How do you make a stethoscope?
2. How corrosiveness is coca cola? Is pepsi the same?
3. How does the digestive system works?
4. How would you clean up an oil spill?
5. How can you measure air pollution?
6. How do roller coasters work?
7. How do you create thunder and lightening? 
8. Why does mould grow on bread?
9. How can a human body be used as a battery?
10. How effective is garlic in killing bacteria?
11. Why does popcorn pop?
12. How do you build a robot?
13. Does a plant really need light to grow? Can you make a plant grow towards light?
14. How does the ocean protect itself naturally from pollution and trash?
15. What are germs and why is it important to wash your hands?
16. How do bubbles work? Can you freeze a bubble? How long can a bubble last?
17. How do penguins stay dry?
18. How is rain made?
19. How do parachutes work? 

20. Where are most of the germs in your house or school? 

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