Sunday, May 22, 2016

Interview Tips for Teaching Jobs

So you are applying for teaching jobs, and finally you have an interview, now what??? Being interviewed for a job that you really want can be intimidating, so I have come up with a list of common teaching job interview questions, tips for building up your confidence, and what to bring with you to the interview. I never go to an interview empty handed! 

The day before my interview I always go over some common teacher interview questions and prepare my answers so I am ready when I’m asked about my behaviour management techniques, assessment methods, and a story or two to have ready for my least favourite type of interview question... the behaviour based questions. By having these answers ready you will not only be more prepared and sound more intelligent when the question comes up, but you will also feel more confident and prepared going into your interview. 

Here is a list of common teacher job interview questions:
1. What is your past teaching or teaching related experience… 
2. Why did you leave your last job? 
3. Tell me about your behaviour management strategies… 
4. Tell me about your assessment strategies…
5. How do you make sure you are meeting the needs of all of the students in the classroom including the ones with IEP’s? 
6. How do you communicate with parents?
7. How do you manage stress? 
8. What is your greatest strength? What is your greatest weakness? 
9. Tell me about extra curricular activities that you have helped with in the past?
10. Tell me about a stressful incident your classroom? How did you handle it? 

Besides being prepared with answers for all of these questions, I also bring with me a binder filled with examples of worksheets and pictures of my behaviour management strategies, assessment methods, and activities that I have done with students in the classroom. At the end of my last interview a member of the interview committee who happened to be a board member, not a teacher or principal thanked me for bringing pictures to the interview with me. She said she is not a teacher and half the time when teachers describe these methods she has no idea what they are talking about.  Along with the binder I also bring a copy of my resume, cover letter, and my BCCT certificate. 

Dress for success! For interviews I wear a dress and heels. Dress comfortable, but classy! No cleavage, or short shirts. I’ve seen too many teachers wear yoga pants and flip flops to interviews. Yoga pants are not dress pants! It’s very competitive to land a teaching job where I am from you need to put in the extra effort! 

Don’t forget to be 15 minutes early and to smile! 

For more teaching tips check out my Substitute Teaching Binder. My Substitute Teacher Binder includes  teacher daily planner which includes monthly calendars, daily plans, weekly daybook pages, a year plan template, class list templates, note pages, and substitute teacher daily note pages. Also included is a variety of classroom management and assessment strategies and templates. 


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