Monday, July 11, 2016

Formative Assessment

Formative Assessment? What is that? Formative assessment is a type of assessment that is designed to help students improve. It is assessment designed to be delivered throughout the learning process so that the student gets feedback throughout the learning journey and has opportunities for improvement. Unlike summative assessment which is done at the end of the learning journey, when there is not time for improvement, formative assessment is all about growth and taking ownership of your own learning.

Examples of formative assessment include: 
-Self reflection 
-Self assessment
-Goal setting and re visiting

One of the first products that I created for my store was my Formative Assessment Strategies product. Over the years I have revised this product to make it what it is today. I strongly believe formative assessment is an essential part of the teaching and learning! Formative assessment is a way of empowering students, monitoring growth, and allows for modifications to the learning process to help promote student success. 

My formative assessment resource package includes 37 different formative assessment activities including a variety of self reflection activities,  graphic organizers, and student/teacher conference forms. I have also included an activity where students get to practice assessing and creating a criteria for a cookie based on look, smell, and taste. This activity is meant to lead students into self assessing their own learning. If you are looking for formative assessment ideas this is the package for you!  


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