Sunday, October 9, 2016

Autumn Art

This week my class learned about warm and cool colours and worked with pastels by creating this bright and vibrant Autumn art project. 

We started off this three day art project by tracing a variety of different leaves on a large piece of white paper. All of the trees around my school are pine and fur trees, so instead I found leaf templates online by just doing a quick Google search. After each student had 4-6 leaves traced on their paper, students used rulers to draw lines going horizontal and vertical (on an angle) across their papers. I made sure to point out that these lines should not go through their leaves. I told students that they wanted the illusion that the lines were going behind the leaves. 

On day two students began using pastels. I explained to the students that they needed to have cool colours for their background, (purple, blue, green) and warm colours for the leaves (red, orange, yellow). I used a colour wheel to help explain the warm and cool colours. Students were then let loose to uses pastels to colour in their art work. I did not give any directions about how to use pastels as I wanted them to use them like crayons and colour in the whole space, but some students still used some smudging techniques that looked pretty neat. 

For more art teaching ideas check out my Elements of Art unit. This extensive art unit includes a lesson, poster, task cards, and project each perfect for teaching each element of art! 

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