Thursday, December 22, 2016

Festive Christmas Activities for the Classroom!

Some of you may be off for Christmas break already, this year my school goes all the way until tomorrow, which is December 23rd. It is the closest I’ve ever gone to Christmas in my whole teaching career, but I am trying to make the best of it and do as many fun and engaging Christmas themed activities as I can! This blog post is all about sharing some of the activities my class has enjoyed. Throughout the month of December we have been winding down, practising for the Christmas concert, and working on a variety of Christmas and Winter activities. 

Some of my students were away this week because their families went away for Christmas, so I decided to have my students make their Christmas gifts for their families yesterday. My group really loved the process and the smells involved with candle making and I think candles will be a gift that parents, mums in particular might enjoy as a homemade gift from their child. We used sheets of bees wax and candle wick that I purchased from our local Michael's. Afterwards students wrapped their candles in tissue paper and ribbon and then decorated paper bags to take them home in. 

This month we also learned about letter writing. It started with the end of our Robert Munsch unit and my students wrote letters to our favourite Canadian author. Next we wrote letters to Santa Claus. The kids really loved writing to Santa and they were especially excited after I promised that he would write back. If you live in Canada your own kids or your classroom students can use the address: Santa Claus North Pole HOH OHO and Santa will write back. Next, just for fun, we wrote letters to the Grinch asking him to not steal Christmas this year. My students filled out a graphic organizer listing three reasons why the Grinch should not steal Christmas and then they got started on their letters. These letters were not mailed, and the Grinch will not write back! Letters to the Grinch is one out of thirty-one Christmas themed activities that is part of my Christmas Math and Language Arts Unit follow the link learn more about this fantastic festive product! 

Pinterest is filled with different Christmas craft ideas and one that has come across my feed a lot is the paper plate snow globe art project, so I decided to give it a go this year and they turned out great! Be careful when cutting out the bottoms of the paper plates though! I cut my hand with scissors! Luckily, I prepped all of the cutting ahead of time, so the kids wouldn’t have the struggle. The student’s decorated their snow globe using: paint, construction paper, ribbon, glitter, and a variety of little Christmas themed stickers that I found at the dollar store. While the kids were decorated their snow globes I took each student out into the hallway and took their picture. The kids loved making silly poses for this! The next day after their art was dry and the pictures were printed, students cut out their picture and glued themselves down onto their paper plate snow globes. 

If you were an elf in Santa’s workshop and were given the task to invent a new toy, what would you invent? This activity was part of my Christmas Writing Centres product.  My students were quite creative with their inventions! They came up with a pancake making T.V., A giant cat toy, a remote control helicopter that you can fly in, and a virtual video game that you can smell, taste, and touch while player. 

My class also made a variety of Christmas crafts to help decorate the gym for the Christmas concert. We read the polar express and the students wrote about what they would have chosen if they got to chose the first gift of Christmas. What are some activities that you like to use in your classroom?