Sunday, April 30, 2017

Teaching about the Beach

One of my favourite units to teach is my Beach Unit which would of course include a field trip to one of our local beaches. Living here on the west coast we are lucky enough to be surrounding by beautiful rocky and sandy beaches which makes learning about the beach so much fun!  

My Beach Unit consists of 56 pages of games, activities, and worksheets which can be used in the classroom leading up to your beach trip and I have also included activities such as task cards which will keep your class busy while at the beach and a 5 senses booklet which will challenge your students to use their senses while at the beach.

All beach photos were taken in and around Tofino British Columbia.  

This beach unit also includes a variety of activities that will help your students gain a greater understanding a appreciation of the environment and the creatures that we share our beaches with. 

Included is a sea creatures matching game where students get to play a game similar to memory, where they take turns flipping over cards with the goal of matching the sea creature with the correct adaptation.This fun game can be played in pairs or as a solo "what do I do when I'm done?" activity.  

Classroom scavengers hunts are also always a fun way to learn new facts. My beach unit includes a fun set of posters each with a beach theme for you to hang around the room. Students can then explore the posters and find the answers to the questions on their question and answer fact foldable. Students can also use the scavenger hunt posters or do their own mini research projects to find 5 facts about a sea creature of their choosing to write about on their fact foldable. 

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