Saturday, June 24, 2017

An Elmer's Glue Craft: Caterpillar Pencil Toppers

I don’t know about your classrooms, but in my classroom the last few weeks of school are filled with fun Spring and end of the year activities. My
report cards are submitted, field trips are planned and being executed, and the end of year awards ceremony is coming up. I found the directions for these cute little pencil toppers on the Elmer’s Glue website under the Project Ideas tab. (This site has a ton of fantastic craft ideas! You should check it out!) The caterpillar pencil toppers were fun and relatively easy to do. I did a bunch of the prep ahead of time for the kids, so that craft time would run more smoothly and I set up my Educational
Assistant as the only person who was allowed to touch the hot glue gun! I would never trust my little ones to use a hot glue gun! I also told my students that we were using the ‘Elmer’s Xtreme White Glue’ I told them that this means that this type of glue holds better than regular white glue. And it also means that the glue gun is only going to used for the last part of the craft which is gluing the head of the caterpillar to the pencil, and the pipe cleaner antenna to the caterpillar’s head. This worked relatively well, and the glue gun was only used for the last steps. And the odd fix here and there (of course). 

What you need: 
-Coloured foam sheets
-White glue
-Goggly eyes 
-Pipe cleaners
-Pom poms 
-A hole punch 

1. Cut out a piece of foam 1 inch wide by 6 inches long and then fold the length of foam accordion style 6 times, so that folds are 1 inch apart. 
2. Using a hole puncher, punch a hole in each of the 6 parts of the foam. 

3. Take a pom pom (for the caterpillar’s head) and glue it to one end of the foam length. 

4. Bend the pipe cleaner into a cute antenna  shape. 

5. Use Elmer’s white glue to attach 2 goggly eyes and a small pom pom nose.

6. Feed your foam caterpillar’s body through the pencil, so that the whole length is secured on the pencil and pushed up near the pencil eraser. 

7. Have an adult use a hot glue gun to help students attach their antenna to the top of their caterpillar’s head and also the back of the head of the caterpillar to the pencil. (The caterpillar’s head is quite heavy and a little floppy. It is best if you secure the head with the hot glue gun). 

My students had a blast using their creativity and creating these cute little creatures, and in my opinion they turned out really well! As mentioned before, I did do some prep including cutting out all of the foam pieces, folding the foam lengths, and using a hole punch to punch all of the holes. I then set up all of the crafting supplies on a large table and set up the glue gun at a different table. As students completed their pencil toppers they met my fabulous Educational Assistant for the finish up with the hot glue gun! 

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