Thursday, June 15, 2017

Magazine Finish the Drawing Art

I know this art activity has been blogged about a lot, but my students did such a great job with their art I wanted to brag! This activity is super easy, all you need is paper, pencil crayons, and old magazines. Students first go through the magazines and
choose photographs that they want to cut in half and draw the other half first with pencil and then colouring with pencil crayons. Most of my students chose pictures of animals, but a few chose landscapes. This activity would be perfect for a Teacher on Call or as a spring art
activity. It might also be a good activity to pair with a symmetry unit and have your students focus on finding photographs in their magazines that have symmetry

If you like this activity and are looking for other art activities make sure to check out my Elements of Art Unit! This unit includes posters, task cards, and activities for each of the 7 elements of art. 

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