Thursday, July 6, 2017

Insect Creations

This super fun activity was inspired by an craft  found on the Elmer's Glue website.  I found this craft was low key, but hands on, and it was the perfect activity for the second to last day of school for my class. I had my students plan and build their insects independently, but this activity would make a great group or partner activity, so feel free to adapt and use this activity to meet the needs of your group! 

My group is used to STEM activities and I always set up my STEM activities in the same way, and although this is really an arts and crafts activity, not a true STEM activity, I set this activity up with my group like I do with STEM activities. 

First, I let students know the goal of the activity. I let them know that this was a timed challenge and the goal was to invent and create an insect. We went over what an insect is and I placed an emphasis on the fact that insects all have 6 legs. Next, I showed the students the building materials that they had to work with which included:
styrofoam balls, straws, toothpicks, pipe cleaners, goggly eyes, pom poms, and glue. I had my students plan out their insect’s design on a piece of paper, and then they were given 15 minutes of building time.

 As you can see from the pictures provided my students were quite creative with their insects and they put lots of effort into their designs. 

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