Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween Activities!

Halloween is upon us and I wanted to share a little about some of the Halloween activities my class has been enjoying! Below are examples of some of the witch feet that we created using oil pastels and a boot stencil. My students did an excellent job of making their witch legs colourful and fun! 

We have been working on spooky paragraph writing. My students have been learning about proper paragraph writing including: making interesting topic sentences, three detail sentences, and a proper closing sentence, but the main focus for this writing assignment was to add more descriptive language to our writing to make our writing more interesting! 

To start this assignment my students drew a picture of a monster. This monster ended up ultimately being the focus  of their writing. Students then wrote down a minimum of three descriptive words to describe their monster’s: eyes, skin, breath, and teeth. Students then used the paragraph writing planning page found in my Halloween Language Arts and Math Resource Package to help them write an interesting topic sentence, three detail sentences, and their concluding sentence and students used their
descriptive words to make their sentences more interesting. After students had completed their paragraph planning page they then wrote out their paragraphs on Halloween themed writing paper.  All graphic organizers seen above can be found in my Halloween Math and Language Arts Resource Package