Wednesday, August 15, 2018

It's almost time for Back to School! Some of you might even already be back to school? 

To celebrate I am having a giveaway. From today until Sunday August 26th, 2018 you are invited to enter to win a $20 TPT gift card and a product from The Third Grade Zoo of your choice. Entering is easy! All you need to do is scroll down to the bottom of this post to find the Rafflecopter widget, follow the prompts, and enter to win by commenting and liking The Third Grade Zoo on TPT and social media. 

Don't forget to tell your teacher friends about this giveaway! 

The winner will be announced on Sunday August 26, 2018. 

I wish everyone good luck!

Congratulations to Toni for being the winner of this giveaway!
Thank you to everyone who entered!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Time to Brag: About the New Additions to my TPT Store

This Summer break I have been busy adding resources to my Teachers Pay Teachers store. So far I have created 2 new products,  and 2 new freebies. I thought it might be a good time to take the opportunity to share and brag about the new resources! 

 I created this classroom schedule over a year ago for my own classroom, and I thought it would make an excellent freebie in my store! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! In my classroom I display my daily schedule at the front of my classroom on my white board. During the daily morning meeting we go over 'the shape of the day', so that my students know what to expect out of the day. I attached magnets to the backs of the cards, so that the daily schedule can be moved around easily. I keep the unused schedule cards in a little basket on my desk. You could also use a pocket chart or set up a bulletin board to  display your daily schedule. 

The next resource I would like to brag about is my: Taco Truck Division resource pack. This resource is meant to help practice the skill of division which is tricky for some! I have included practice for both single digit division and long division with and without remainders. I hope students enjoy the taco truck theme as much as I do.  Food usually goes over well with my groups! This fresh new resource includes many different types of division activities including: math journal pages, mental math practice pages, worksheets, math games, and visuals to help explain and practice the concept of division. 

To go along with my Taco Truck Division Resource Package, I took 4 activities out my this package to give away as a freebie. 
Included in this freebie is: 

1. Taco themed division poster (This poster describes how division works). 
2. Taco themed division mental math practice sheet
3. 'Colour a Division Equation’ partner game. 
4. Long Division practice worksheet with 9 long division questions.

Lastly, I have created a First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Traditional homes unit. This unit contains an informational brochure about each traditional home (these brochures can be photocopied for each
student for reading and research purposes), 6 reading comprehension questions for each traditional home, and a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activity for each of the following traditional First Nations, Metis or Inuit home: the longhouse, pit house, wigwam, tipi, Metis log cabin, igloo, and tupiq which is an Inuit tent. I have also included a variety of other activities to help support learning including a learning journal, people bingo game, an interactive fact wheel activity, vocabulary cards, and a variety of STEM graphic organizers

Friday, June 29, 2018

Scratch Art

Scratch art is a fun multi lesson art project. I know it has been blogged about before, but I wanted to brag about how well my class did with their scratch art creations. We did this project over 3 days. To complete this project, you will need: crayons, black paint, dish soup, bamboo skewers or something else to scratch the paint with, and card stock. 


Day #1 Each student needs one piece of card stock. Have student use crayon to colour the entire piece of card  stock. It is important that they cover the entire paper with crayon, if they leave pieces of the card stock blank the scratch art won't work. Bold and bright colours look the best! 
Day #2 

To avoid messy tables, I decided to make a border around each student's scratch art using masking tape. This makes it so students do not have to paint to the edge of their card stock and onto the tables. If you want them to paint to the edge of the card stock lay down newspapers to help protect the tables. Next mix one part black paint with one part dish soap, and have student paint the mixture on top of their crayon art. Make sure the layer of paint is thick. Students may need more than one layer of paint. Lastly, let the art masterpieces dry overnight. 

Day #3
On day 3 students get to scratch away the black paint to expose the crayon underneath. Students can create designs or scratch a picture onto their painted card stock. Again, we used bamboo skewers purchased at the dollar store for the scratching step, and they worked well. You could use other materials as well. My students especially enjoyed this part of the art process. 

Watching the colour come though is a magical art of this art experience. I hope your students have as much fun as mine did with this multi step art!


Sunday, May 6, 2018

TPT's Teacher Appreciate Week Sale! And... Check Out Our Plants!

If you didn't know already, TPT is having it's annual Teacher Appreciation Week Sale! Whoo Hoo! This is a time to celebrate being the awesome teacher that you are by stocking up on some essential TPT resources. Perhaps you need some end of the year resources, or maybe you are already thinking about next school year? This is the perfect time to stock up with a 25% off discount! This year's sale dates are May 8-9th, 2018. 

Asides from the sale I also wanted to give an update on some of the things that have been happening in my classroom! It feels like Spring now, and we have been learning about plants. We planted seeds in both ziplock baggies so that we can see how a seed sprouts and we planted snap peas in little
cups which the students have now taken home. We kept track of our plant's measurements and practiced our measuring ruler skills for approximately three weeks before the plants were too big and needed to be replanted. 

Besides planting and monitoring our seeds we also learned about the life cycle of a plant with the awesome craft in the picture below. 

To do this craft you need: 
-construction paper (blue and green) 
-kidney beans
-cupcake holders
-string or yarn
-green felt for the leaves

This craft was easy enough, the first thing you need to do is get some green construction paper and cut out some green grass and glue the grass on the horizon line of your landscape on your blue paper. Next, glue your straw down for your flower stem (you may need to cut the straw). The straw makes an excellent stem because it clearly illustrates how the stem of the flower sucks up water from its roots to the flower. Next, glue on a cupcake holder as the flower. Below the grass line now glue on your string or yarn to act as roots. Cut out some leafs from green felt, and lastly add your seed (a kidney bean) to the root and to the flower of your plant. Students can then jazz up their science/art project with some clouds and other details if they would like. 

As part of our plants unit we also did an in class 
plants scavenger hunt, which was a huge success! The students searched for facts about plants around the classroom and shared their findings with the class afterwards. The plants scavenger hunt can be found in my Plants Unit

You can find more creative and fun plant activities in my Plants Unit. Also check out my Worms and Composting Unit! 

The Perfect Craft for Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is May 13th this year, and many of you will be looking for craft ideas for students to give to Mum this week. We did our craft a little
early this year, so that I can share, and they turned out terrific! First we painted little terracotta pots (I found these at the dollar store.  They came in packages of three). Next we stuck a little stylophone ball inside each of the pots, so that
the pens will have something to stick into to remain upright. (I also found these balls at our local dollar store, and they came in packages of 10). We then let our little pots dry. 

Now onto the flower pens. I purchased a variety of cloth (fake) flowers also from the dollar store. I highly recommend using wire cutters ahead of time and cutting the flowers.
The flowers are very difficult to cut with regular scissors! You will want to cut the flowers so that it only has 3-4 inches of stem. Then placed the stems of the flowers against the length of the pen and attached the flower stem and pen together with the floral tape. Make sure the floral tape reaches the bottom of the pen to make  it look like the pen is the stem of the flower. 

After the flower pen is created, place the pen in the little flower pot, and now you have the perfect Mother's Day gift! 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Learning Together and Working Together: Integrating STEM and Social Emotional Learning

Have you check out my newest product? It is called ‘Learning Together and Working Together: Integrating STEM and Social Emotional Learning’. Long title, I know! 

To sum it up, this innovative unit is all about teaching students social and leadership skills like: how to cooperate, how to disagree and still get along, how to persevere, and how to be a leader by practicing these skills while doing STEM projects. This unit includes 24 different activities including social emotional activities, STEM graphic organizers, unique STEM projects, and formative assessments to go along with these activities. This is a great unit full of many essential skills! This unit would be perfect for any grade 3-6 classroom. 

Above is a cooperation activity that I used in my classroom last week, and that you can find in this great new unit, it is used to reinforce the importance of cooperating with your group members during STEM time. With this cutting and pasting activity, students cut out the situation cards and sort them into 2 categories. Is it showing cooperation or not? 

To go along with my new unit, I also wanted
to brag about some of the terrific STEM projects I have done in my own classroom! 
This year we build toothpick and candy bridges that stretched across a 1 foot distance. 

My favourite challenge this year has been the marble mazes! These turned out terrific! And we have also built and tested parachutes for an egg drop. For STEM activities I usually have my class work in groups of 2-4, and I usually set a half an hour time limit for building. Students are also challenged by the materials they are allowed to use. They are only allowed to use the material that I provide them with. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Canadian Math Practice Stations

When I designed my Canadian Math Practice Stations Unit I purposely choose 3 math topics that I find students often need more practice with. The topics highlighted in this unit plan are money (this is a Canadian Unit so the questions are all about Canadian money), time, and comparing and ordering fractions. Each of these three topics includes 3 different stations to help reinforce the learning for these challenging math topics. 

Each math topic includes:
-A practice station including 3 different worksheets each containing a variety of practice questions.
-A math word problem station each math topic has 2 pages of unique math word problems, each page includes lots of room to show your work
-And lastly, a math games stations each of the 3 topics include: 1-4 math games to help reinforce the learning of each concept. 

This resource can be used in a variety of different ways, it is meant to be used for review, or it can also be used as extra practice or supplementary activities.

The Canadian money section includes:  a counting only coins practice page, a counting bills only practice page, and a mixture of counting both bills and coins page. The money section also includes 6 word problems, and 2 unique and fun math games!

These math topics were chosen out of the new BC curriculum for grade 4 level math, but will be relevant for other provinces and territories in Canada as well, and can be used as review for older students or enrichment for younger students.

If you are looking for more Canadian money resources check out my Canadian Money Unit! 

Higher Level Thinking Writing

My Higher Level Thinking Writing Unit includes a variety, 20 to be exact, deeper level thinking questions to get your students using their brains in a creative and innovative way! 

The activities encourage students to think about their surroundings, their community, and their school. Many of the writing assignments encourage students to think outside of the box, find ways to make improvements in their community, and to invent new things. And good news! Many of the writing assignments can be easily connected to your STEM curriculum too! 

Each question comes with a graphic organizer, and additionally I have included 6 unique writing paper templates. After students have completed a graphic organizer they could practice their proper paragraph writing skills with the help of their graphic organizer, they could build a prototype of invention, or they could write a story about their findings. Before Spring Break my class did a terrific job of completing the: invent your own candy, invent a new type of playground equipment, and if I were principal for a day… 

These activities can be easily adapted for differentiation, and allows for student creativity and inspiration. My students really like to share their writing with their classmates. Check out this unique and innovative unit! 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Learning All About Salmon!

I’ve been super busy teaching and working on my Masters that I haven’t made too many blog posts, but exciting things have been happening in my classroom! This past November we completed our Salmon Unit which included a very informative trip to our local salmon hatchery. 

Before we attended the field trip, students learned about the life cycle of the salmon, the parts of the salmon, and the salmon habitat and food chain. 

A highlight of our salmon unit in the classroom was our salmon unit scavenger hunt. With the scavenger hunt, students worked with a partner to find the answers to the salmon questions. The answers were hidden around the classroom and my students did a great job of finding all of the answers.   

During our trip to the hatchery, my class had the opportunity to go on a guided walk and see the spawning salmon and salmon habitat. Students also got to witness the dissection of an adult salmon and touch and hold all of the salmon’s organs. 

Students also learned more about the life cycle of salmon by getting the opportunity to see each stage of the life cycle from egg to adult. I highly recommend looking for learning experiences like this one to help reinforce the learning in the classroom. Below is more information about my Salmon Unit which can be purchased in my TPT store. 
My salmon unit contains 20 highly engaging and interactive activities including: a make your own salmon life cycle board game, a salmon scavenger hunt, a variety of cutting and pasting activities, and an end of unit quiz. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Exciting News! It Includes a Sale and a $30 Giveaway....

It is that time again! And I am super excited! TPT is having a site wide sale, and as always everything in my store will be 20% off. Additionally you can use the coupon code XOXO to get an additional percentage off from Teachers Pay Teachers. 

To help you celebrate the sale, myself along with two other sellers; Coreas Creations and Essie's Classroom Resources have teamed up to give our customers a giveaway! One lucky winner, who will be chosen on February 15th will be given a $30 TPT gift card to spend during the final day of the sale. Good luck everyone! Keep reading to learn more: 

Have you heard? TpT is throwing another site-wide sale on Feb. 14th and 15th! To celebrate, I've teamed up with two awesome teacher-authors to host a $30 TPT GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY!! Follow this link >>><<< to enter!  The winner will be announced on Thursday, Feb. 15th at 7:30 AM (EST). Good luck!!