Monday, March 19, 2018

Canadian Math Practice Stations

When I designed my Canadian Math Practice Stations Unit I purposely choose 3 math topics that I find students often need more practice with. The topics highlighted in this unit plan are money (this is a Canadian Unit so the questions are all about Canadian money), time, and comparing and ordering fractions. Each of these three topics includes 3 different stations to help reinforce the learning for these challenging math topics. 

Each math topic includes:
-A practice station including 3 different worksheets each containing a variety of practice questions.
-A math word problem station each math topic has 2 pages of unique math word problems, each page includes lots of room to show your work
-And lastly, a math games stations each of the 3 topics include: 1-4 math games to help reinforce the learning of each concept. 

This resource can be used in a variety of different ways, it is meant to be used for review, or it can also be used as extra practice or supplementary activities.

The Canadian money section includes:  a counting only coins practice page, a counting bills only practice page, and a mixture of counting both bills and coins page. The money section also includes 6 word problems, and 2 unique and fun math games!

These math topics were chosen out of the new BC curriculum for grade 4 level math, but will be relevant for other provinces and territories in Canada as well, and can be used as review for older students or enrichment for younger students.

If you are looking for more Canadian money resources check out my Canadian Money Unit! 

Higher Level Thinking Writing

My Higher Level Thinking Writing Unit includes a variety, 20 to be exact, deeper level thinking questions to get your students using their brains in a creative and innovative way! 

The activities encourage students to think about their surroundings, their community, and their school. Many of the writing assignments encourage students to think outside of the box, find ways to make improvements in their community, and to invent new things. And good news! Many of the writing assignments can be easily connected to your STEM curriculum too! 

Each question comes with a graphic organizer, and additionally I have included 6 unique writing paper templates. After students have completed a graphic organizer they could practice their proper paragraph writing skills with the help of their graphic organizer, they could build a prototype of invention, or they could write a story about their findings. Before Spring Break my class did a terrific job of completing the: invent your own candy, invent a new type of playground equipment, and if I were principal for a day… 

These activities can be easily adapted for differentiation, and allows for student creativity and inspiration. My students really like to share their writing with their classmates. Check out this unique and innovative unit! 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Learning All About Salmon!

I’ve been super busy teaching and working on my Masters that I haven’t made too many blog posts, but exciting things have been happening in my classroom! This past November we completed our Salmon Unit which included a very informative trip to our local salmon hatchery. 

Before we attended the field trip, students learned about the life cycle of the salmon, the parts of the salmon, and the salmon habitat and food chain. 

A highlight of our salmon unit in the classroom was our salmon unit scavenger hunt. With the scavenger hunt, students worked with a partner to find the answers to the salmon questions. The answers were hidden around the classroom and my students did a great job of finding all of the answers.   

During our trip to the hatchery, my class had the opportunity to go on a guided walk and see the spawning salmon and salmon habitat. Students also got to witness the dissection of an adult salmon and touch and hold all of the salmon’s organs. 

Students also learned more about the life cycle of salmon by getting the opportunity to see each stage of the life cycle from egg to adult. I highly recommend looking for learning experiences like this one to help reinforce the learning in the classroom. Below is more information about my Salmon Unit which can be purchased in my TPT store. 
My salmon unit contains 20 highly engaging and interactive activities including: a make your own salmon life cycle board game, a salmon scavenger hunt, a variety of cutting and pasting activities, and an end of unit quiz.