Monday, March 19, 2018

Canadian Math Practice Stations

When I designed my Canadian Math Practice Stations Unit I purposely choose 3 math topics that I find students often need more practice with. The topics highlighted in this unit plan are money (this is a Canadian Unit so the questions are all about Canadian money), time, and comparing and ordering fractions. Each of these three topics includes 3 different stations to help reinforce the learning for these challenging math topics. 

Each math topic includes:
-A practice station including 3 different worksheets each containing a variety of practice questions.
-A math word problem station each math topic has 2 pages of unique math word problems, each page includes lots of room to show your work
-And lastly, a math games stations each of the 3 topics include: 1-4 math games to help reinforce the learning of each concept. 

This resource can be used in a variety of different ways, it is meant to be used for review, or it can also be used as extra practice or supplementary activities.

The Canadian money section includes:  a counting only coins practice page, a counting bills only practice page, and a mixture of counting both bills and coins page. The money section also includes 6 word problems, and 2 unique and fun math games!

These math topics were chosen out of the new BC curriculum for grade 4 level math, but will be relevant for other provinces and territories in Canada as well, and can be used as review for older students or enrichment for younger students.

If you are looking for more Canadian money resources check out my Canadian Money Unit! 

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