Sunday, April 8, 2018

Learning Together and Working Together: Integrating STEM and Social Emotional Learning

Have you check out my newest product? It is called ‘Learning Together and Working Together: Integrating STEM and Social Emotional Learning’. Long title, I know! 

To sum it up, this innovative unit is all about teaching students social and leadership skills like: how to cooperate, how to disagree and still get along, how to persevere, and how to be a leader by practicing these skills while doing STEM projects. This unit includes 24 different activities including social emotional activities, STEM graphic organizers, unique STEM projects, and formative assessments to go along with these activities. This is a great unit full of many essential skills! This unit would be perfect for any grade 3-6 classroom. 

Above is a cooperation activity that I used in my classroom last week, and that you can find in this great new unit, it is used to reinforce the importance of cooperating with your group members during STEM time. With this cutting and pasting activity, students cut out the situation cards and sort them into 2 categories. Is it showing cooperation or not? 

To go along with my new unit, I also wanted
to brag about some of the terrific STEM projects I have done in my own classroom! 
This year we build toothpick and candy bridges that stretched across a 1 foot distance. 

My favourite challenge this year has been the marble mazes! These turned out terrific! And we have also built and tested parachutes for an egg drop. For STEM activities I usually have my class work in groups of 2-4, and I usually set a half an hour time limit for building. Students are also challenged by the materials they are allowed to use. They are only allowed to use the material that I provide them with.