Friday, June 29, 2018

Scratch Art

Scratch art is a fun multi lesson art project. I know it has been blogged about before, but I wanted to brag about how well my class did with their scratch art creations. We did this project over 3 days. To complete this project, you will need: crayons, black paint, dish soup, bamboo skewers or something else to scratch the paint with, and card stock. 


Day #1 Each student needs one piece of card stock. Have student use crayon to colour the entire piece of card  stock. It is important that they cover the entire paper with crayon, if they leave pieces of the card stock blank the scratch art won't work. Bold and bright colours look the best! 
Day #2 

To avoid messy tables, I decided to make a border around each student's scratch art using masking tape. This makes it so students do not have to paint to the edge of their card stock and onto the tables. If you want them to paint to the edge of the card stock lay down newspapers to help protect the tables. Next mix one part black paint with one part dish soap, and have student paint the mixture on top of their crayon art. Make sure the layer of paint is thick. Students may need more than one layer of paint. Lastly, let the art masterpieces dry overnight. 

Day #3
On day 3 students get to scratch away the black paint to expose the crayon underneath. Students can create designs or scratch a picture onto their painted card stock. Again, we used bamboo skewers purchased at the dollar store for the scratching step, and they worked well. You could use other materials as well. My students especially enjoyed this part of the art process. 

Watching the colour come though is a magical art of this art experience. I hope your students have as much fun as mine did with this multi step art!